About See Beyond

Our Story

We arrived in Morocco in1997, eager to help start a new school. When our plane landed, our boss was not in country, and the person who was delegated to help us was away on vacation. We felt so alone.

We taxied to a church that first Sunday and were grateful to meet a couple who took us under their wings. They helped us to get settled into Casablanca life. That was our first touch with the reality of how important it is to care for people, especially, when it comes to overseas living.

That’s probably why—a year later when the school was being launched—we took on the role of welcoming new staff and making sure their needs outside of work were met.  

One year, a young teacher became suicidal, and we searched for an English-speaking counselor to help her. We had to go to Spain to find someone. The next year, a new member of our staff was in a taxi that was hit by a truck. His driver died moments later, and he was deeply shaken. We knew he needed something called a “debriefing,” but we didn’t know how to help.

These situations compelled us to get more training so that we could help others succeed and manage the difficulties of cross-cultural living. Many years of study and practice later, we decided to start See Beyond—helping expatriates to do better and stay longer in North Africa.   

 Our Vision

DO Better. Stay Longer.

We seek to support communities of expatriates living in North Africa in better caring for one another. We train individuals and groups in how to have better communication skills and to know exactly what to do when a situation is beyond their abilities.

We envision communities where leaders more effectively care for their teams, not only in the work they are called to accomplish, but in how they care for the whole person— and even the whole family.  

We desire for spouses to have the deeper relational skills needed, to not just survive, but to truly deepen intimacy. We want children to blossom in the environment in which their family is working.

We are eager for singles to be less isolated and to feel like valued members of larger communities. We aspire to see communities flourishing—like an oasis in the desert.


We Are:


Mobile: We visit Tunisia, Morocco, and Mauritania regularly and seek to visit multiple cities during our visits.

Insiders: 20+ years of experience and still living in North Africa. Culturally aware, expatriate, experienced, with shared experiences.

Affordable: Non-profit rates. No need for international travel to get the same service. Often, no need to leave your home.

Multi-disciplinary: Service provided in the areas of counseling, coaching, training, and debriefing. We collaborate with others to provide business coaching, education consulting, and more.

Flexible: Personalized services customized to your needs. Often able to respond to crisis situations.

Professional: We are licensed and credentialed in our fields and use the highest quality assessments, tools, and models for our services.


Learn more specifics about our vision here

 Our Team



Hey! I have loved living in Morocco and traveling throughout North Africa for approximately 20 years. I have raised two boys here and am the happy “Mimi” of two grandsons.

Painting, hiking, and flower arranging are all things I enjoy. I am happy to do them whenever I get the chance.

Professionally, I love training in interpersonal skills and leadership practices, in order to bring increased health to the community life of teams and organizations. I especially enjoy proactive work with teams to lay foundations for a strong, healthy future. Believe it or not, I even enjoy helping groups in conflict to find a safe, productive way forward.

I started out pursuing a counseling degree, but a good friend basically said to me, “Sorry Katie, but I think Tim would be better at that.” He was so right!! As a result, I ended up with a Master of Science in Psychology, with dual specializations in Organizational Leader Development and Leadership Coaching Psychology through Capella University. What a mouthful, but what a better fit!

Looking forward comes naturally for me. That’s probably one of the reasons that coaching became so important to me.

Five hundred plus hours of coaching moved me toward my Professional Coach Credential (PCC) with the International Coach Federation.

Making See Beyond a place where you can get the resources you need to do better and stay longer in North Africa is one of the greatest joys of my life.


Outside of my passion for helping people live an abundant life, I love mountain biking, NASCAR, and playing tennis anytime I can find a partner! I hold a love for Monster Truck racing deep down inside. Katie is just happy that I didn’t take it up as a profession!

I got into counseling through a “back door.” I was in charge of crisis management for the school I worked for and took a training on helping people in crisis. It wasn’t what I expected, but I loved learning how to help people on an emotional level, even through traumatic events.

That’s what started my journey which includes a Master of Arts in Professional Counseling through Liberty University and a Professional Counselor License from the state of Ohio.

My goal is to provide a safe, confidential, caring environment for my clients so they can develop emotional, intellectual, physical, social, and spiritual resources to bring about change, healing, and restoration. Two decades of overseas work give me first-hand understanding of both the stress and struggles of cross-cultural life, as well as the potential toll it can take on individuals, couples, and families.

I’ve experienced a lot of what you are going through first-hand, and I’d love to help see you thrive cross-culturally in all areas of life.


our Staff

Our support and part-time service staff are highly trained and qualified in their areas of service. They go through a rigorous application process. They are all individuals who live or have lived in North Africa, or a similar environment, and share See Beyond's values. Our service providers have the appropriate credentials or licensure for their fields, along with practical experience. 


“Tim brings to his counseling a couple of decades of experience doing cross-cultural work himself...a huge plus!”