Connect Deeply and Grow as a Couple

Do you remember the days of dating and early marriage when you couldn’t wait to spend time with each other? Remember those days when you longed to hear what the other was thinking, what was important to them and how they felt about it? Taking time to focus on your marriage with a trained professional will help you return to the days of connecting deeply and growing as a couple.


COUPLE Services

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Marriage Coaching

The skills you will develop through marriage coaching will help you to move beyond conversations about schedules, or even arguments, to conversations where you truly understand what is in the heart of your spouse. You will be able to move from there to making goals for your marriage, in a way that develops real growth. We know first-hand the pressures that cross-cultural life puts on our marriage. We'd encourage you to consider joining us for Marriage Coaching.


Marriage Counseling

Marriage Counseling focuses on helping couples to recover from past hurts and wounds and to move forward with new patterns of interaction for rebuilding trust, intimacy, and joy. In addition to the couple meeting together with a counselor, it’s possible for individual sessions to take place with one or both of the spouses. Often, we find the Prepare-Enrich marriage assessment to be a helpful tool during the counseling process. Marriage Counseling is done with the couple and a licensed professional counselor. It is typically a minimum of 9 sessions, plus any individual sessions requested.


personalized Retreats

Getting in a new environment does wonders for helping us learn and grow, and this is true for couples as well. When’s the last time that you took dedicated time away to focus on your marriage? If your marriage had a voice and could speak, what would it say about getting away from the distractions of everyday life and getting back in sync as a couple? Join us for a Personalized Marriage Retreat or a Group Marriage Retreat event.