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We're grateful to be able to work with such amazing people from all over the world. Below are a handful of testimonials from others who we've had the pleasure of serving. If you'd like to have a conversation to learn more about See Beyond, schedule a free consultation today.

Katie facilitates skillfully, combining professionalism, compassion, humility, and rich content in a magical way!
— Alicia Havens
Coaching is a great way to accelerate personal growth and development.  It provides a safe place, support and accountability to achieve goals.
— R. F. Director, Social Entrepreneurship, Morocco
It has been great to have a coach who believes in me and my potential. Coaching has given me the accountability I need to pursue my development goals. I have definitely grown in my confidence and ability to take risks because of a coaching relationship.
— R. F. Director, Social Entrepreneurship, Morocco
It was particularly helpful to be able to talk through issues that I was struggling with with someone from outside of my work and not only be heard but helped to think creatively and make plans for tackling these. I found that enormously supportive when I was finding life incredibly chaotic.
— International Director, Non-profit agency
My counseling experience with Tim was different to all other counselling experiences, I had hope for change but wasn’t set on finding the cause of my struggle. Tim brought refreshment, excitement and and gentleness right to the center of my pain. He asked incredible questions and was not just sensitive, but included my faith and beliefs into his work. I was amazed at how much progress we made in such a short time.
— Mother of 2 Living in Desert
We have been through some very difficult and changing times recently, 4 months after marriage coaching. As a direct result of the marriage coaching which gave us tools for deepening in our marriage and listening to each other it has pulled us through this difficult few months as lots of other changes around us happened. We have given each other space, listened, reflected and stayed so close during a time that could have had the opposite effect!”
— First Year Resident in North Africa

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