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We offer both open public and private events. Our focus for on-site public events is English-speaking expatriates living in North Africa. Online public events are open to English speakers around the world. You’ll find the link to private events, as well as a list of ongoing and on-demand events, at the bottom of this page.


It’s the single most important communication skill

for creating connection and avoiding conflict.

Free Webinar

September 16, 2019, we'll focus on using this skill to deepen connection

October 23, 2019, we'll focus on using this skill to avoid conflict

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Join us for a free, 30-minute, interactive, live webinar.


Personalized Retreats
September 26 - October 2, 2019
Mohammedia, Morocco


Upcoming Travel Schedule

United States - Ohio July and August 2019

Morocco: September, 2019

Tunisia: October 15- November 15 (tentative)




We offer private events for organizations, teams, and specific groups of people which are not open to the public. If you plan to attend one of our private functions and have not been given a password to access these pages, please contact us.


Ongoing and On-demanD Opportunities

Gain New Hope for Tomorrow


Personalized Retreats

Do you need to take time out to process? Are you facing decisions or situations that have left you feeling drained? Would it be helpful for you to debrief an experience or receive training for better effectiveness?


Customized Team Building Event

Great team building does not come
in a pre-fab package. It is customized to fit the team with its distinctive make-up, developmental stage, goals, and style. You know that your team could use something, but you’re not sure what would propel you forward. We can help!


Counseling and Counseling Intensives

Are you hindered by anxiety,
fear, or panic? Do you seem to
have a “shorter fuse” with family,
friends, or strangers? Are you
experiencing persistent
sadness or discouragement?


Unraveling Conflict

Whether it's two individuals or a whole team, we can help you unravel conflict in a safe environment. We offer professional, skilled facilitators/mediators who will design a process to untangle the messiness of conflict and to find a way forward. Let’s discuss your needs.


Marriage Coaching

We know first-hand the pressures that this cross-cultural life puts on our marriages. We have lived most of our married life in North Africa. Along the way, we've discovered some communication techniques that have truly helped us.