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Our goal is to help you DO BETTER, STAY LONGER in this cross-cultural life.

We hope these resources will help you personally, as well as help you to help others!

4 Ways to Uncover Expectations

95% of all conflicts stem from unmet expectations. In our e-book, learn how to uncover them before they become problems. You can use these ideas with teams, families, and even within marriage.

The Many Pieces of Grief

Processing our losses and learning to grieve well is a vital part of doing well in cross-cultural living. Learn how to grieve well in our article, Good Grief: How to Get Started on the Journey. Use this colorable pdf to see what emotions are a part of your experience of loss.

Image insights Photos

Did you know that you have two halves to your brain, but only one side can use words? That’s why using photographs can be so powerful. It helps you to catch a fresh vision. It taps into the right side of the brain and gives it a voice. You can use this tool to uncover hopes, dreams, and expectations, or to give a voice to some of the things you’ve been feeling. It’s a great tool to draw meaning out of others. Start by asking a question like “What photo best represents _______?” and enjoy looking.

Longing for Listening

Grab a friend or colleague, then listen and practice with this 15-minute pre-recorded training session on other-centered listening. Develop your listening skills with Katie Reid’s helpful guidance.

Reflection Guide

This self-guided debriefing tool will help you process any period of time you’d like. It reminds us of the importance of looking back and processing well in order to better move forward. “Creating awareness and clarity through reflection are a very powerful first step to making change happen.” (Gerrit Pelzer)

8 Ways to Connect

Loneliness was mentioned as one of the top issues expatriates wrestle with. Read Lonely? What to Do to Combat the Emptiness and Finding Friends in the Desert. You can also download our bookmark, and use it to remind yourself of 8 ways to connect more significantly with others.

Developing a Growth mindset

It’s easy to look at the world with lenses that cry out “Failure!” However, we can choose to develop a mindset that says, “I’m in process. I’m learning. I’m growing.” It’s that kind of mindset that actually helps us grow and change. Use this handy reminder card to re-shape your thinking and prepare to grow.

Loneliness Facts and Stats

It may be surprising to discover how many people experience loneliness—hitting us emotionally, mentally, and physically. Read more in some of our articles: Did You Know? 10 Interesting Things About Loneliness and Surrounded in the Crowd. Check out this infographic of interesting Facts & Stats that will compel us to SEE BEYOND our loneliness.

Culture Shock Cycle

Whether entering a new country, going back ‘home’ or even just returning for a short time to someplace you used to be, this Culture shock cycle will help you understand the typical journey.

6 Powerful Ways To Take Care of Me

This PDF is great for your fridge or bathroom mirror. It will help you think more broadly about ways to care for yourself.

Debriefing a Small Incident Bookmark

This handy bookmark will give you simple questions to ask a friend when they've had a 'little' thing happen that they'd like to process. You can read more about how to use this in our article "How to invite someone to tell their story"