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How to Invite Someone to Tell Their Story

We all have stories to tell! Sometimes, we have fun adventures that take place in our daily life. Other times, we have tough stories that unfold over the course of our work and school days—even over our years.

Some stories are easier to tell than others. Some people tell their stories naturally, and others need to be encouraged to share.

Some need to be invited to share.

One of our favorite family dinner questions leads to great table conversations with our children. We begin with two simple questions, “What was the best part of your day? What was the hardest part of your day?” Then, we move around the table, each telling the tales of our day. As a result of these two simple questions, we have heard some really funny stories . . . and some really gut-wrenching ones.

What can we do to invite someone to share their story?

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Two Kinds of Listening

Last week I was able to sit down with my closest group of friends. I found myself looking around the room and thinking “I love being with these people.” Reflecting back, I realized what it is about this group of friends that makes me feel so good. They not only know me but they want to know me better. They make that known by giving me the gift of listening well. It’s a rare gift to have people who listen well.

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