Announcing Our Exciting Vision of the Future!

IPhoto by  Mark Basarab  on  Unsplash

IPhoto by Mark Basarab on Unsplash

Imagine it's five years from now—2024.

What's happening with See Beyond? Dream with us . . .

In many ways, we are still the same. We’re still made up of staff who do or have lived in the region. We speak the language; we’ve lived the life. You don’t have to explain the details of living where you do, because we’ve also lived it.  

We are still trained, certified, or licensed in areas we’ll help you with and we still offer lots of free services, like trauma debriefing, and regular online and onsite seminars.  

Our ‘raison d’etre’ is still the same. We love working in predominantly Muslim countries, helping expatriates do better and stay longer. Why? Because we love the things most expats do while they live in these lands—helping love and develop the people of these countries, building bridges of peace between cultures and mindsets, making a difference in people's lives.

We believe:

  • All people have value.

  • We are made for connection with others.

  • We want to be known by others and know them well.

  • Loving and caring for one another is the foundation for any other good thing we do.

We also believe:

  • Expat life is hard.

  • Being lonely is miserable.

  • Being lonely overseas is even worse.

You sacrifice so many things to live in a foreign land. We believe inner and interpersonal health should not be on your list of sacrifices.

As always, we want to help you do better and stay longer, accomplishing those great things you came to do!

Taghazout, MoroccoPhoto by  Philipp Klausner  on  Unsplash

Taghazout, MoroccoPhoto by Philipp Klausner on Unsplash

However, imagine with us how See Beyond has changed!

We’ve grown! In 2024, we have dozens of part-time staff providing services across North Africa, the Middle East and Central Asia, alongside what they came to do. They offer trauma debriefing, regular debriefing, coaching, and training. A few full-time staff live in each region. Licensed professional counseling is available in person in every country in the region, as well as online.

But even more exciting for you, we’ve found ways to offer our most impactful training for working together better overseas in less expensive, more practical ways—ways you can use with your group without our presence—making them more affordable, more doable!

In 2024, we have current technology working for us and are covering the latest issues for the Gen Z group starting to join us overseas.

Attrition of expatriates working in North Africa has declined by 80%. We might not be able to prove it, but the ‘old timers’ are talking about it.  They share how people are staying so much longer; they don’t hear about team conflict—with a slammed airplane door and return ticket—like they used to.  

In 2024, we’ve seen a decrease in the number of people seeking counseling for preventable issues through better communication skills. Over the years, communities and couples have grown in their ability to build connection and avoid unwanted interpersonal conflicts through these learned, helpful communication skills.  

We’re really excited to be here in See Beyond’s 2024 vision.  We hope you are too! Please join us. Become part of our growing community of those committed to loving others better.  

Choose a step below!

  • Take some of our training and grow in your communication skills. You can find upcoming training on our events page.

  • Use what you learn with others in your community.

  • Become a See Beyond champion—sharing our work regularly in your circles and letting new people know about us.

  • Become trained as a debriefer or marriage coach with See Beyond.

  • Apply to join our staff