We had just finished a lovely dinner when this leader leaned forward in his chair and asked me, "What do you think it means to be healthy?"  

We use this word “healthy” all the time, but what do we mean by it? What does healthy cross-cultural living look like? I've never been able to get this multi-faceted question out of my head. 

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However, when you boil it down to its essence, I think it is illustrated simply in nature.


  1. Have a good amount of nourishment coming in: sun, water, nutrients

  2. Can withstand temporary poor conditions because of #1

  3. When healthy, are doing what they were made to do: produce fruit, shade, and beauty

Always do your best. What you plant now, you will harvest later.
— Og Mandino

Basically, they have received enough input to then create appropriate and healthy output.  

This example is oversimplified, but as we travel, we consistently meet people who metaphorically look like this.

In this region, we rarely see people who are over-nourished and under-producing in fruit. 

Most often, there’s more emphasis on output than input. People are working - working - working to produce things, but not getting replenished along the way. The fruit they might produce becomes smaller and less appealing. They need more nourishment to be healthy. 

Perhaps health is a balance between nourishing input and productive activity.  Might it be as simple as that?!


What healthy nourishment is your soul longing for?

It takes courage to recognize and say, "I need . . ." 

It might mean letting go of something else. 

What’s one thing you can do today to attain healthy nourishment?

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