What do you really know about debriefing?

Debriefing is a phrase we throw around a lot in member care circles. But why is it helpful? What needs to be included? What can be included? What should we avoid? And what really is best practice? I bet you're like me and aren’t really sure about some of these questions! 

Dates & Times

September 14th 13:30-17:30 WEST (London/Casablanca)

September 21st 13:30-17:30 CEST (London/Casablanca)

4 1/2 days


*Time changes occur in Europe and US on different days during this training, so please check your dates and times by clicking on the date of the event to see the time in your location.

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Together Learn Best Practices

Gather with me and others like you, who want to see people stay longer and do better in North Africa and the Middle East. I’ll share from my learning, but, together, we will co-create best practices for learning and growth as someone shares their story. After all, telling one’s story is at the core of debriefing, and you already know how to do that from the other things you’ve studied and practiced. 

This training is to do transition or standard event debriefing - not Trauma debriefing.

This training is by invitation only. I’m hoping that some who take it will want to become See Beyond Certified in debriefing and then take part in offering this service through See Beyond at least occasionally.  

Costs and Payment: 


I will send you an online invoice within 3 business days of your registration.  Just let me know in the comments box if you prefer to pay me in cash when you see me next.


Online using Zoom which you can download in advance by clicking here

The specific connection details will be sent after registration.


Here’s what’s involved in See Beyond Debriefing Credentialing

  1. Debriefing Training (register for this part below).

  2. One other communication or service-type training, for example: SYIS, Coaching Training, lay (or higher) counseling training, Spiritual Direction, trauma debriefing, etc. Actually, I believe you already have this, so one step is already completed!!!!

  3. At least two peer debriefs (with co-debriefers who are also taking the training): recorded, with self-feedback, and feedback from the observer.

  4. You will need to debrief at least twice, be debriefed at least twice, and observe twice. This can be on relatively small events or seasons. I expect these to last an hour, give or take, but you’ll self-regulate the time for those.

  5. In order to become certified, you’ll need to hit 90% of the points on the basic SB debriefing requirements - a rubric we will co-create during our debriefing training. It’s possible that this will take more than two peer debriefs. See Beyond Certification entitles you to debrief for See Beyond paid clients, but that's not a requirement.

Click the register button at the bottom to submit your form. An invoice will be sent to you in the next 3 business days which includes online payment options, and instructions for paying in local funds. 2

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