Finally, a doable and affordable crisis preparation training that hits all the important components!
— North Africa-based participant

Where: Online—using Zoom

When: 12:00 pm - 3:30 pm Paris Time Zone

June 4, 5, 11, and 12, 2019

Early Registration deadline May 7, 2019

Final Registration deadline May 21, 2019

Click on the dates above to see the time in your location. Please check each date as times may change on different dates around the world.


Theology of Risk

  • Connecting the OT and NT on risk

  • Personal Statement of Conviction

  • Discovering God’s voice in risk


Cross-cultural Risk Assessment

  • Danger Risk Assessment

  • The 14 Risk Myths

  • Risk Calculation Action Guide


People care in Risk MANAGEMENT

  • Leading and Communicating Well in Risk

  • Stewarding Resources

  • Endurance Strategies


Day 1

  • Introduction

  • Discernment

Day 2

  • Assessment

  • Stewardship


Day 3

  • Mitigation

  • Endurance

Day 4

  • Leadership

  • Wrap-up


A Companion Workshop to the Book, “Facing Danger” - Anna Hampton



  • RAM addresses the challenges of the emotional, psychological, relational, and spiritual preparation that all staff need.

  • RAM is designed for field staff, not just the “specialized” security personnel.

  • This training addresses the critical skill of decision making, both prior to and in the midst of danger.

  • You will learn how to address increasing anxiety in uncertainty and understand your predictable responses in risk.

  • Unlike the standard risk training, you'll be equipped in how to respond holistically to risk for yourself, your family, and those “back home.” 

  • This training was developed by a couple with extensive leadership experience while living cross-culturally in the midst of actual life-threatening danger.



  • Six ways of discovering God's voice in crisis

  • Two easy tools to determine which risks need more forethought and which to let go

  • Four approaches to choose from when managing risk

  • Knowledge on the difference between theology of risk and theology of suffering

  • Awareness of myths which may be negatively impacting your processing of risk

  • An understanding of six dangerous attitudes in risk



  • Three scalable tools to make risk assessment more manageable and effective

  • Four ways to mitigate the effects of risk

  • Five essential leadership skills during risk

  • A comprehensive risk management action guide

What Others are Saying

I am a very hands-on guy, and I love how you guys break down the training into very usable and understandable segments, followed by putting all the pieces together and having us practice it.
— Global Servant working in Central Asia
I was tremendously challenged to re-evaluate my risk management and mitigation plan in light of the Word.
— Latin American Pastor serving in Eurasia
This is the first training like this I’ve taken that took a holistic view and was manageable to actually accomplish. I’ve actually enjoyed getting to work with my husband on our plans since the training.
— Global Servant working in North Africa

Cost and Payments

Early registration paid in full by May 7, 2019: $125

Standard: paid in full by May 21, 2019: $155

Some scholarships available. Please request and share your situation (nationality and/or efforts to raise funds) in the comments box below.

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