We know first-hand the pressures this cross-cultural life puts on our marriages. We have lived most of our married life in North Africa. Along the way, we've discovered some communication techniques that have truly helped us:

  • Turning moments of conflict into deeper intimacy and understanding

  • Preventing the all-too-common unmet expectations problem

  • Taking action and making actual changes, rather than just talking about the problem

  • Demonstrating, rather than just telling the other person, 'I understand', which helps them actually feel the love and respect we've been telling them is there.

5 modules over 5 days

A module consists of:

One hour for group meeting

Plus 45-60 min 
for time with a trainer and you as a couple


Scheduled at your convenience

Specific opportunities available during the Personalized Retreats:

January 12-18 Mohammedia, Morocco

February 22 - March 3, 2019 Hammamet, Tunisia

April 8 - 27, 2019 Mauritania

Online is also possible

What others are saying

I think we have been wanting and desiring increased intimacy in our marriage for quite some time. We were making progress with the tools we had before, but it was slow, and we felt kind of stuck. This training gave us tools to get unstuck, and we’re excited with how it will help us to move forward in intimacy.
— James and Jen Friesen
These are great skills that we WILL use.
— Josh Webb
Marriage Coaching helped us improve communication between us and with our kids, and in ways we never imagined that we needed help!
— Marriage Coaching participant

How it works

We'll have five sessions.  Each session looks like this:

  1. We share the heart and skill of one of 5 skills we train in marriage coaching. (This is a teaching section.)

  2. We do a live demonstration of how that skill works in our own lives, by using a real topic that we have not yet discussed with one another.

    —Parts one and two are done as a whole group.

  3. You practice that new skill with each other, and we are available to help you if you get stuck or make suggestions.

  4. Part three is done privately, away from other couples, and needs to be completed before the next day's session.  

Marriage Coaching   $325/couple

For completely private sessions, contact us to schedule appointments. Cost $495

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