Integrating The Emotions Of Loss

Most people don’t start counseling to help with grief and loss, but once they begin working with us, it becomes apparent that a loss or grief is having an effect on their life. It’s natural to feel unpleasant after a loss because something meaningful has been taken away from us. This knot of emotions doesn’t go away on its own. It demands our attention to find healing. It’s not just the loss of a loved one that can cause grief, but also unmet expectations, the loss of identity, or the loss of a dream or goal.


See Beyond’s Approach

We start grief and loss counseling by identifying the losses in your life. We then validate the significance of the loss and explore the emotions that make up your grief experience. We support you in feeling the emotions of loss in a safe, caring environment. The ultimate goal is integrating the grief experience into your life story so you can move forward.


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