Processing Loss

International living is replete with losses. Not only do we feel the loss of friends, family, belongings, and situations back home, but also the loss of competency, familiarity, and functionality in our new location. On top of all that, those we find it easiest to relate to are very transient and we are always saying goodbye.

So what’s the problem? Ungrieved losses have a way of festering below the surface. The can make us flat, or sometimes come out in irritation, anger and frustration. But many of us have never learned how to grieve. At an even more basic level, we are often unaware that our losses merit any attention at all.

You’ll leave this workshop:

  • with an understanding what grief is and what the grief cycle might look like.

  • one great way to help others who are grieving

  • having identified some of your losses in this cross-cultural life

  • having tuned into one specific area and identifying some of the emotions present

  • with tools and ideas to help you process losses in the future.

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